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Teen protects school bus from knife-wielding 10-year-old

Published Friday January 20

Alexis Landry, the 16-year-old who helped protect a school bus from a 10-year-old boy who pulled out a knife.

RIO VISTA, Tx. – Johnson County Deputies took a 10-year-old boy into custody on Thu after they say he pulled out a knife on a school bus. A 16-year-old Rio Vista High School student found herself confronting the danger directly to protect et on that bus.

Alexis Landry may only be sixteen years old but is wise beyond that person years. She found herself playing the role of protector and used that person body to shield the person classmates from a boy with a knife. “He made a hand gesture towards someone with the knife in his hand,” she recalled. “And he was putting it up to a little boy’s throat.”

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